Greensmaster® eFlex® Series

  • 50.4v Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 1.2kW Brushless DC Motor
  • Dual Cast Aluminum Traction Drums with Poly-V Belt Drive
  • 21″ Cutting Widths
  • Ground Speed – Mowing: 0.9-3.7 mph (1.4-5.9 km/h) Transport: 0-5.7 mph (0-9.2 km/h)


Extremely quiet and emission-free, the all-electric Toro® Greensmaster® eFlex® is built with the automated EZ-Turn™ feature that automatically slows the mower down at the end of a mowing pass and speeds it up again on the return pass without sacrificing quality of cut, resulting in better control and reduced turf damage. The eFlex series offers a 21” cutting width (eFlex 2120) and is among the quietest and most efficient walk greensmowers on the market today.

Harnessing the power of lithium-ion battery technology, the eFlex takes electrical efficiency to a new level, allowing operators to mow approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of turf on a single charge. The eFlex series is the first line of mowers to offer lithium-ion battery powered technology. Additionally, a convenient LCD display indicates an ongoing battery charge status and also displays useful information such as machine hours and overall battery health. All Toro Greensmaster mowers feature patented dual precision adjustment (DPA) cutting units.

Configuration Options:

  • Greensmaster eFlex 2120 – 21″ Cutting Width

Technical Specifications

  • Power
    Lithium-Ion Battery Pack – 50.4-Volt 26.7 A-Hr
  • Transport Speed
    5.3 mph (8.5 km/h) maximim
  • Cutting Width
    21″ (53.3 cm)
  • Height of Cut
    .062″ – 1.0″ (1.6mm – 25.4mm)
  • Warranty
    2-Year limited
  • Certification
  • Ground Speed
    Mowing Speed: 0.9-3.7 mph (1.4-5.9 km/h)
  • Traction Drum
    Dual cast aluminum 7.5″ (19 cm) diameter with patented taper on outer 2″ (5 cm)

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