Reelmaster® 5010-H

  • True hybrid drive EnergySmart™ power system: 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) Kubota® diesel engine w/Four 12V AGM Lead Carbon Batteries
  • 2WD or CrossTrax™ AWD Traction Drive
  • 100″ (2.5m) Cutting Width
  • Ground Speed – Mowing: 0-8 mph (0-12.8 km/h) Transport: 0-10 mph (0-16.1 km/h)


The Reelmaster® 5010-H is the industry’s first and only reel mower with a true hybrid drive system. The Reelmaster 5010-H utilizes a Kubota 24.8 hp diesel engine in concert with an in-line motor generator and a self-recharging 48-volt battery pack to provide seamless power to the vehicle and cutting units. The combination of these two power sources comprises Toro’s patented hybrid power delivery system called PowerMatch™. PowerMatch enables the Reelmaster 5010-H to match the power generated to the power required for all cutting conditions. The result is the availability of over 40 horsepower, but only when cutting conditions require it, which saves on average 20% fuel usage, improving operating costs, and the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Technical Specifications

  • Engine
    Tier 4 compliant Kubota® 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, diesel engine. 24.8 hp (18.5 kW). Four 12V Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), sealed, maintenance-free lead acid batteries.
  • Fuel Capacity
    14 gallon (53 liter) capacity. Biodiesel-ready for use up to B-20 (20% biodiesel and 80% petrol blend)
  • Mowing Speed
    0-8 mph (0-12.8 km/h) forward; 0-4 mph (0-6.4 km/h) reverse
  • Transport Speed
    0-10 mph (0-16 km/h) forward transport
  • Controls
    Intuitive controls provide improved operator efficiency and safety.
  • Cooling System
    Rear mounted radiator with industrial tube and fin construction, 6 fins per inch, 5.5 quart (5.2 liter) system capacity.
  • Height
    63″ (160 cm) seat top, 85.5″ (217.2 cm) top of ROPS.
  • Hydraulic Fluid
    11 gallon (56.8 liter) system capacity
  • Reel Drive
    Reel drive circuit is split independently for front and rear cutting units. Reel speeds are electronically adjustable in nine incremental settings. On-board backlapping is standard.
  • ROPS
    Standard with seat belt
  • Seat
    Deluxe high back suspension seat with fore, aft, height and weight adjustment
  • Steering Controls
    Rear wheel, power steering with an independent hydraulic pump and circuit.
  • Tank Capacity
    14 gallon (53 liter) capacity. Biodiesel-ready for use up to B-20 (20% bodiesel and 80% petrol blend)
  • Tires
    Front traction tires: 26.5 x 14-12 turf tires; Rear steer tires: 20 x 12-10
  • Traction Drive
    Front drive wheels powered by a hydrostatic pump with individual wheel motors. All-wheel drive optional with Cross Trax® All-Wheel Drive system.
  • Weight
    5″ cutting units: 2WD – 2,776 lbs (1,259 kg), 4WD – 2,827 lbs. (1,282 kg) 7″ cutting units: 2WD – 2,907 lbs. (1,319 kg); 4WD – 2,965 lbs. (1,345 kg)
  • Warranty
    2 year limited warranty. Refer to the Operator’s Manual for further details.
  • Wheelbase
    60″ (152.4 cm)
  • Width
    Operational width: 116″ (288.3 cm); Transport width: 92″ (233.7 cm)

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